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Labour rates are in line with BECTU standards. Download the full BECTU Production Sound Rate Card (Nov-21) here and the full APA Rate Card here for commercial productions.


  • PSC Sound Recordist (non-commercial)
    This role covers things such as; TV factual, online/corporate content & news.

  • PSC Sound Recordist (commercial)
    This role covers all broadcast commercial/advertisements & branded content. Rate is in line with APA rates.

  • Production Sound Mixer / Production Sound Recordist (narrative film/drama)
    For this role, the rate can fluctuate depending on which sector the production falls in (i.e. TV, film) and what sort of budget the film is working with. Simply get in touch with Dan to discuss your project.


Equipment rates can vary depending on your shoot requirements. However, Dan's standard equipment package is a good starting point as this covers a lot of shooting scenerios.

Simply contact Dan for a standard equipment package quote or for a more personalised quote based on your production needs.

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