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about dan

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Dan is a professional location sound recordist and production sound mixer, with over 10 years of experience.

in 2012, Dan graduated from Sheffield Hallam University having studied film & media production, graduating with a BA (hons) degree.

Specialising in sound and film directing, he set out and formed a career path in production sound and also as an independent filmmaker.

Dan is a highly skilled professional, producing work to a very high standard. He prides himself on being a very approachable and friendly individual who will always go out of his way to ensure the highest quality of sound is recorded.


With his own set of equipment, UK driving licence, fully insured car and bases in the north and south of England, Dan is able to hit the road and travel anywhere in the UK for work. With his UK passport, he is also happy to consider international travel should the work require it.

Dan's experience extends to all kinds of sectors in the film, tv and media industry, recording and mixing sound for various theatrical released narrative films, television shows, streaming shows, commercials and a huge variety of branded and corporate content for both online and internal purposes.

Check out his portfolio here for some examples of his work

Dan is also an avid filmmaker in his spare time, which allows him to fully understand other department roles within a production, allowing for great communication with everyone on set.

You can find out more about Dan's filmmaker work over at

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