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Standard EQUIPMENT Package
This is a package I offer for most shooting scenarios. I then build from this for what the production requires.


  • 10-Track Sound Mixer/Recorder | Sound Devices MixPre 10ii w/ Timecode + sound mixer bag + body harness

  • Boom Mic | Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Mic OR Sennheiser MKH50 Condenser Mic w/ blimp windshield + 3.45m Boom Pole

  • 2x High Quality Radio Mics | 2x Audio Ltd A10 Transmitters + 1x Audio Ltd A10 Dual Receiver + 2x DPA 4071 Lav Mics w/ accessories [+ 1x Senn. G3 Radio set when wireless boom is used]

  • 1x Timecode Box for Camera | 1x Tentacle Sync Timecode box to be plugged into camera for video/audio time-of-day sync.
    Note: camera must have appropriate input connection(s) for timecode to function, e.g. BNC, lemo, 3.5mm jack. Get in touch if you would like to check if your camera can sync via timecode.


  • Accessories | Media Storage + XLR cables + Camera-Tails + C-Stand [where appropriate] + Lav Mic clips & stickies + Radio Transmitter Body Straps + Rechargeable-Batteries

**Please get in touch for package cost details**

Additional Kit
Additional kit is available from my collection which may be useful for shoots requiring more than 2x radio mics, or for more complex shooting scenarios.


  • Timecode Facilities | Additional Tentacle Timecode Boxes w/ cables for: BNC, 4-pin lemo and 5-pin lemo TC camera inputs, plus 3.5mm audio jacks. Alternate cables can be sourced when required.

  • Radio Mics | Sennheiser G3 RX/TX kits + DPA 4071s or Cos-11 Lav Mic(s)

  • Microphones | Variety of microphones available for all kinds of scenarios

  • Wireless Feed-To-Camera | Sennheiser G3 Radio kits available for sending wireless audio feeds to camera [scratch-tracks only]. For edit-ready wireless feeds, an alternate radio system is required. Tech details and prices can be discussed if required.

  • Monitoring | Sennheiser IEM Receivers + headphones available for crew monitoring of sound, e.g. Director, Boom Op, Client(s), Script Sup., Producers etc

  • Mixer/Recorders | Additional recorders for scenerios where audio is required away from primary setup, e.g. a moving car scene. The Zoom F8 is readily available. Alternate Sound Devices units can be hired in when needed.

  • Accessories | Variety of accessories available including; small portable recorders, batteries, cables, mic stands, boom poles, etc

  • Media Storage | SD cards are available to purchase from Dan for clients who wish to keep a copy of sound files on an SD card.

**Please get in touch to discuss costs of additional items**

dan guest sound recordist equipment
dan guest sound recordist equipment
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