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Standard Kit Package
The kit package combo I offer for most shooting scenarios. I then build from this for what the production requires.


  • 8-Track Sound Mixer/Recorder | Sound Devices 442 + Zoom F8 Multitrack Recorder w/ Timecode

  • Shotgun Mic w/ Boom | Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Mic w/ blimp windshield + 3.45m Boom Pole

  • 2x High Quality Radio Mics | 2x Audio Ltd A10 Transmitters + 2x DPA 4071 Lav Mics w/ accessories

  • Accessories | XLR cables + Camera-Tails + Boom Stand + Lav Mic clips & stickies + Radio Transmitter Body Straps + Rechargeable-Batteries

**Please get in touch for package cost details**

Additional Kit
Additional kit is available from my collection which may be useful for shoots requiring more than x2 radio mics, timecode or for more complex shooting scenarios.


  • Timecode Facilities | Tentacle Timecode Boxes w/ cables for: BNC, 4-pin lemo and 5-pin lemo TC camera inputs

  • Radio Mics | Audio Ltd A10s OR Sennheiser G3s + DPA 4071s or Cos-11 Lav Mic(s)

  • Microphones | Variety of microphones available for all kinds of scenarios

  • Wireless Feed-To-Camera | Sennheiser G3 Radios available for sending wireless audio feeds to camera (scratch-tracks only)

  • Monitoring | Sennheiser IEM Receivers + headphones available for crew monitoring of sound, e.g. Director, Boom Op, Client, etc

  • Accessories | Variety of accessories available including; small portable recorders, batteries, cables, mic stands, boom poles, etc

  • Media Storage | SD cards are available for clients who wish to keep a copy of sound files on an SD card

**Please get in touch to discuss costs of additional items**

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