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Starting a Sound Recordist Blog!

to blog or not to blog

After over 10 years of working in the film, TV and media industry as a Sound Recordist, I've decided to delve into the world of blogging!

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I'm thinking of exploring a variety of sound recordist topics to start with that may be of interest to current and potential clients, other professionals working in my industry, newcomers to the industry and hopefully even my friends, family, colleagues and people outside of my industry.

Here's some topics I have in mind so far:

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Sound Recordist Equipment

Here I will discuss various pieces of equipment I use (or have used previously) and give my thoughts on them, why I chose them and any pros and cons.


A look back at previous projects over the past 10 years and what impact it had on myself and my career.

Being Self-Employed

Here I will discuss topics relating to being a self-employed Sound Recordist in the UK, talking about my own experiences, what I've learnt and any advice that I can offer anyone who is thinking about going down this path.

Films & Television Shows

There's a huge amount of films and TV shows that have either influenced me creatively and professionally or have just been a big impact on my life at some point or another.

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I'm interested in trying to discuss some of these and talk about why they are important to me, any influence they may have had on me and just general thoughts and feelings on it. I'm not a reviewer by any stretch so these would be more discussions than anything.


Similarly with the above, I'm interested in discussing how certain music has influenced me and what certain bands, artists or even genres of music mean to me.


I've always been passionate about gaming so I'm interested in exploring some of my favourite video games that I've experienced from being a child right through to being a man-child today! Gaming can still get overlooked as an art form which is insane as it's full of creative ideas, captivating storytelling and exciting gameplay (look at the latest The Last of Us adaptation to televsion for proof of this). My personal time for playing video games may have been dramatically reduced in recent years, but my love for this medium is still very much alive and still has a big influence on me today.

Other Topics?

That's about it for now, but if anyone has any suggestions for other topics, whether it's related to my business, sound recordists, or anything else, let me know in the comments.

I'm going to aim to post at least one blog per month to begin with and see how I get on, so if you're interested in following my blog journey, feel free to subscribe and follow my socials.


Dan Guest

Sound Recordist

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